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    Twitter Ads FAQ

    Even after reading through every guide and how-to available, many marketers still have specific questions about Twitter Ads. Here, we’ve rounded up the most popular Twitter FAQs and paired them with easy-to-understand, actionable answers. Keep reading to learn more about:

    • Twitter ads eligibility
    • How to sign up for Twitter for Business
    • What is a Sponsored Post or Promoted Tweet?
    • How does Twitter Ads payment work?
    • What are Twitter Official Partners?
    • How to set up ads on Twitter

    Twitter ads eligibility

    Getting your ads up and running on Twitter is exciting, but there are a few rules Twitter puts in place before you can start advertising and to maintain your eligibility once you start. 

    Twitter Ads Policies

    You can see the full list of policies here, but you probably won’t be surprised by anything. Prohibited ads include those that feature:

    • Adult Sexual Content
    • Copyright Infringement
    • Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
    • Malware and Software Downloads
    • Tobacco and Tobacco Accessories
    • Weapons and Weapon Accessories

    Account Status

    • New accounts: New accounts are paused for review for a period before they can begin advertising with Twitter Ads. 
    • Public Tweets: Tweets coming from an advertiser account must be public. 
    • Deactivated accounts: Brands cannot advertise if they have deactivated their Twitter account. 
    • Suspended accounts: Brands cannot advertise if their Twitter account is suspended.


    Twitter also wants to make sure that advertisers appear serious and legitimate with their presence on the platform. In order to advertise on Twitter, brands must comply with:

    • Having profile and header photos that are not GIFs
    • Having a functional, live URL in your bio that is not gated, and accurately represents your brand and promoted product or service

    Twitter sign up for business

    Signing up for Twitter for business purposes is different than signing up for an individual account. You’ll want to let Twitter know right away that you intend on advertising on the platform, and that’s best done by signing up through Twitter for Business. Twitter for Business is what Twitter calls its advertising platform. You can either automatically promote your Tweets as ads, or create custom campaigns via Twitter Ads. 

    How to advertise on Twitter using Twitter for Business

    Automatically promote your Tweets

    First, we’ll take a look at how you can automatically promote your Tweets as a quick and easy way to get Twitter Ads out the door. 

    For a set monthly fee ($99 USD per month), your Tweets and account are automatically promoted, which Twitter says can help you reach up to 30,000 additional people every month. 

    Here’s how it works—each day, your first 10 Tweets that pass Twitter’s quality filter are added to a Promoted Tweets campaign that targets your selected audience. Tweets that are promoted become Twitter Ads and appear with a small "Promoted" icon. Your Retweets, Quote Tweets, and replies will not be promoted.

    If you’re interested, you can sign up here

    Image from Twitter

    Launch a Twitter Ads campaign

    You’ll be familiar with this approach if you’ve ever run a campaign on any of the other major PPC platforms. In this case, all the magic happens through Ads Manager. There you can set campaign dates and budget, nail down your targeting, choose the Twitter Cards that suit your campaign, extend your campaigns with Twitter Audience Platform, and create a Direct Message card

    For more about campaign targeting and tips for setting up your Twitter marketing strategy, check out our post Complete Guide to Twitter Advertising for B2B.

    What is a Sponsored Post Promoted Tweet

    Promoted Tweets and Sponsored Tweets are the same things. Twitter labels its paid for ads as Promoted, while platforms like Instagram denote their paid ad units as Sponsored. As we go into detail in our post Complete Guide to Promoted Tweets, Promoted tweets are paid Tweets that are shown to people outside of an advertiser’s follower base. They look like regular Tweets except they’re labeled “Promoted.”

    Promoted tweets may appear in five places:

    • At the top of relevant search results pages on Twitter
    • In search results for a Promoted Trend
    • On a targeted user’s timeline
    • On user profiles
    • Through Twitter’s official desktop and mobile clients

    Advertisers can send Promoted Tweets without first posting them on their timeline. However, any Promoted Tweet is still a part of Twitter and can be found through search. 

    Setting up a Promoted Tweet is a familiar process for anyone who’s already run a campaign on Twitter: 

    1. Select "Promote Mode" from the campaign menu and click "Get started"
    2. Select your Promoted Tweet's country and timezone
    3. Choose "Interests" or "Location" for your targeting focus
    4. Option #1:  Choose up to five interests associated with your target audience.
    5. Option #2: Choose up to five locations associated with your target audience.
    6. Review your ad criteria and select "Proceed."
    7. Add your billing information and launch your promoted tweet.

    If you’re at a live event or you see a Tweet getting particularly high engagement, you may want to Promote the Tweet as quickly as possible. In that case, use Quick Promote:

    1. Choose a Tweet to promote—Click on the activity icon for any Tweet in your timeline, on your mobile phone, or from your computer. Or, select a Tweet in your Tweet activity dashboard or one of your top-performing Tweets in account home.
    2. Click on “Promote this Tweet"
    3. Select the location you’d like to target—Available options include country, state/province/region or metro area.
    4. Select your budget—Twitter provides an estimate of the results you’re likely to see at each level.
    5. Confirm your spend—Watch your Tweet reach a wider audience in real-time.

    How does Twitter Ads payments work

    Before you can set up a campaign, Twitter will force you to ad a credit or debit card to your account to cover the budget for your campaign. With Twitter, you’ll never go over budget since defining that number is part of your campaign setup. Twitter Ads run in an auction, so you’ll decide how much you want to pay for each interaction, such as a new follower or a click to your website. You’ll also choose a daily budget for your ads, and once you’ve reached that budget, your ads will stop running. 

    You can always change your payment source at any time, and Twitter’s billing dashboard allows you to see your last payment and the funding source that was charged for that payment.

    Image from Twitter

    What are Twitter official partners

    The definition given by Twitter is “Twitter Official Partners are a carefully selected group of companies offering outstanding products with a proven track record of customer success. Partnership is only by invitation, and all partners are periodically reviewed to be sure they continue to deliver great experiences across all facets of their business — products, solutions, client service, and more.” Sounds pretty great, right?! Through official partners, brands get: 

    • Access to public data to make decisions that drive better audience engagement
    • A creative team to make content on-demand or for specific events
    • Customized tools to better manage all your campaigns

    Any advertising brand is eligible for help through a Twitter Official Partner. To get started, choose if you’d like help with:

    • Ads: Get enterprise tools and expertise to help you create and manage high-quality ads with advanced features and capabilities.
    • Data: Make well-informed decisions, study past behaviors to predict future trends, and engage your most valuable audiences.

    How to create ads on Twitter

    Once your account has been cleared to advertise on Twitter, creating an ad is a pretty smooth process since Twitter walks you through it step by step. As a preview, here’s what you can expect to see:

    Choose your objective

    Twitter saves you a lot of time, money, and tears by forcing you to set your objective from the beginning. Campaign objectives include:

    • Awareness: Billed per 1,000 impressions.
    • Tweet engagements: Billed per engagement.
    • Followers: Billed per each new follower.
    • Website clicks or conversions: Billed per click.
    • App installs: billed per each app install.
    • App re-engagements: Billed for each app click.
    • Promoted video views: Billed per each video view.
    • In-stream video views (pre-roll): Billed per each video view.

    Set up your ad group and bidding

    With multiple ad groups you can split up your campaign to target different audiences, use and test different creative, or experiment with different budgets and timing.

    Load your creative and choose ad placement

    If you’re promoting a Tweet, Twitter will show you a list of the applicable Tweets. 

    Target your audience

    Options here include demographic targeting, defining your audience by gender, age, location, language, and technology, or device used, 

    Launch your campaign

    Review everything before you put it into action. 

    Still have a question that wasn’t answered here? Check out all our Twitter Advertising guides here. In addition to industry news, you’ll find resources like Complete Guide to Twitter Analytics, Complete Guide to Promoted Tweets, and Complete Guide to Twitter Advertising for B2B

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