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    Instagram Is Building a Standalone App for Shopping

    This week, Instagram is building a whole new app for e-commerce, Facebook users are taking a break from Facebook, and Amazon is testing an attribution pixel. Tune in to hear the latest news in digital advertising with commentary from AdStage's Josh and Anya.


    Show Notes:

    Instagram Is Building A Standalone App For Shopping

    The new standalone IG Shopping app will let users browse collections of goods from merchants, and purchase directly within the app.

    Facebook Users Are Changing Their Social Habits

    The latest Pew Research survey says that 54% of Facebook users have adjusted privacy settings in the last year.

    Amazon Is Testing An Attribution Pixel

    The new Amazon Attribution tool lets advertisers compare whether ads on its sites are more effective than those on its rivals’.

    Amazon is Consolidating Its Ad Business in a Single Brand

    Previously divvied up into groups, Amazon’s ad business is combining its e-commerce, search, display, programmatic, video, and measurement offerings into one place.

    Google, Mastercard Cut Secret Ad Deal To Track Retail Sales

    Google paid Mastercard millions of dollars to track whether online ads led to sales at a physical store in the U.S.

    A Japanese Coffee Shop Will Give You Free Coffee In Exchange For Your Data

    Marketers at Shiru Cafe are testing whether customers are ready to give up some of their privacy in exchange for free coffee. 

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