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Instagram's Next Cash Cow: Instant Promote Ads for Stories

This week in AdTech - WhatsApp has found a place to show your ads; Instagram's next cash cow: Instant Promote Ads for Stories; and Pinterest gets its advertising house in order with carousel ads.

Instagram's Next Cash Cow: Instant Promote Ads for Stories
Promote for Stories will work similarly to Facebook’s Boost option that lets businesses pay to instantly show their feed posts to more users.

WhatsApp Found a Place to Show Your Ads
WhatsApp will begin showing ads alongside its popular Status feature, and this will become its primary monetization mode.

Introducing Four New Search Ad Position Metrics
These new metrics will provide clear insights on where your ads are appearing on the search results page, unlike average position which only reflects the order that your ad appears versus other ads in the ad auction.

As Pinterest Gets Its Advertising House in Order, Carousel Ads Are Up Next
Carousels, which allow advertisers to include up to five images within a single format, can appear within the Pinterest main feed as a related pin recommendation or through search.

Measure the Business Impact of Instagram and Pages (Beta)
You can now use Facebook Analytics to measure the impact of your Instagram account, plus get a broader view of your Facebook Page with more valuable events including Post Impression and Page follow/unfollow.

Chrome Will Block All Ads on Consistently Deceptive Websites
Starting in December, Chrome 71 will block ads on sites that use shady pop-ups and redirects to ensnare web users.

Verizon to Sunset Oath Brand and Make Way for Verizon Media Group
Oath's extensive portfolio currently includes Tumblr, Yahoo Sports and HuffPost. The brand was launched in 2017 following the $4.5bn merger of Yahoo and AOL.

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