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    Introducing AdStage's Newest Integration: Amazon Advertising

    On August 20th, we announced the AdStage integration launch using the Amazon Advertising API. Marketers can now analyze and optimize their ad campaigns from Amazon, one of the world’s largest e-commerce platform. Learn more about the integration.

    Last quarter, Amazon announced their ad business was booming. Ad sales increased 37% year-over-year, to $3 billion. Clearly, marketers see the value in the platform and have already started incorporating Amazon into their advertising strategies. With our new integration, you can now easily maximize sales, scale with automated reports, and optimize Sponsored Product Ads.

    Maximize sales from your e-commerce ads

    With AdStage’s newest integration you can now analyze your cross-channel advertising data in a single view. Use this holistic view to determine the most strategic way to allocate your ad budget. You can also create custom dashboards to track and measure the metrics that matter to you.


    Build automated reports that let you scale

    We know marketers like to analyze data in easy to use dashboards, but they often need to share their findings. AdStage has easy to use widgets so you can build the perfect dashboard for deep analysis. But we also allow you to easily build and share report with team-members or clients. You can add widgets that track and measure key metrics and keep you up-to-date on your progress.

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    Analyze cross-channel ad data in one view

    As an advertiser, you may choose to create multiple campaigns that target different customers. You can use AdStage to group your ad campaigns and analyze product performance. Use AdStage’s to see which ASINs and SKUs are selling as a result of your ad campaigns. Determine which campaigns are driving sales so you can shift budget accordingly.


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