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YouTube now counts "engagement" at 10 seconds

This week in AdTech: YouTube now counts "engagement" as 10 seconds; best practices for LInkedIn Sponsored InMail campaigns; and Pinterest unveils updates to self-server ads ...

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Afraid To Ask: Negative keywords and how to optimize them

If you hear “negative keywords” and think it’s a phrase to describe insults someone might use to push your buttons, well, when used in digital marketing at least, you’re a ...

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Balancing lead quality and quantity—tips for your marketing funnel

Great B2B businesses are often credited with having strong sales capabilities. However, their digital lead generation strategies can also become a bottleneck that hinders their ...

This Week in Ad Tech, The PPC Show

Facebook helps get data from browsers blocking third-party cookies

This week, Facebook helps overcome third-party cookie blocking; Video is now 25% of all US digital advertising spend; and Bing changes political ad policy.

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Meet AskAdStage — the Slack app that makes it easy to share paid marketing data with your entire team

Reporting on paid ad performance across all search and social networks is a weekly or monthly task for lead generation marketers. It would be great if this was the only time ...

This Week in Ad Tech, The PPC Show

Facebook Adding More Choices For Video Ad Buyers

This week, Facebook adds more choices for video ad buyers; Google announces custom metrics, Unique Reach, and Brand Lift capabilities; and Snapchat roles out new ecommerce ...

This Week in Ad Tech, The PPC Show

Facebook Stories ads now available to all advertisers

This week, Facebook Stories ads were made available to all advertisers while Amazon and Snapchat formed a powerful partnership. Also, learn how to untangle your B2B attribution ...


How to Untangle Your B2B Attribution

Whether you’re in an agency role or part of an in-house team, there will inevitably be a time when you’ll be asked: “What’s the business impact of our advertising campaigns?”

This Week in Ad Tech, The PPC Show

Vertical Video Ads Are Coming to Youtube

This week, Amazon has been forecast to be the number 3 digital advertising player in 2018, YouTube rolled out vertical ads, and Spotify (kind of) became the first platform for ...