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3 Reasons to Scale Your PPC Campaigns with the Microsoft Audience Network

The eyes and ears of the PPC community may be on AdWords and Facebook ads, but behind the scenes, Microsoft has quietly turned into a billion-dollar advertising giant.

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How Marketers Measure Video Campaign Effectiveness [Report]

Digital video ad spend keeps rising, with the latest video advertising study showing that marketers spend more than half of their ad budgets on video. On average, marketers ...

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The Explosive Growth of AdWords Shopping Campaigns

Welcome to episode #81 of The PPC Show, where we interview the best and brightest in paid marketing. This week we're joined by Nate Velazquez, PPC Account Manager at Seer ...

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MQL vs. SQL: What's the Difference Between Marketing and Sales-Qualified Leads?

As marketers, we already know there are a ton of abbreviations used in our industry – PPC, CTR, BTC, KPIs – and so many more, it can have you feeling like WTH (that’s What The ...

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5 Reasons LinkedIn’s New Video Ads Are the B2B Marketer’s Secret Weapon

Video will drive 82% of all Internet traffic in 2021, according to Cisco. Over 17.2% of all ad budgets will go to video marketing, which means video ads likely eat up a huge ...

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How to Measure the Value of Your Lead Generation Campaigns

How many of your marketing leads convert into sales? Data from SiriusDecisions shows that 98% of MQLs (marketing-qualified leads) will never result in closed business.

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7 Simple Google AdWords Hacks That Can Double Your ROI

Google AdWords has become a better deal for marketers lately. Based on the AdStage data, AdWords CPC decreased 42% in the fourth quarter of 2017, while CPMs decreased 30% QoQ ...

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A Buyer's Guide to the Best Agency Reporting Software

Are you in the market for an automated reporting tool? Some agencies see PPC software as an extra cost and stick to Excel or Google Sheets. Others build solutions in-house.

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10 PPC Tools to Steal Your Competitors’ Best Ads

One of the best-kept secrets of our industry is that you don’t need to be a creative genius to come up with an effective advertising campaign. Most good ideas are creative ...