5 Tips For Creating Effective PPC Ads

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5 Tips For Creating Effective PPC Ads

I admit it: I really get a kick out of writing online ads! It’s an opportunity to craft a message that will be seen by thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people. But the excitement doesn’t stop there– these ads generate near real-time statistics that let you evaluate their performance and make them even better! […]

Bing Search Share at All-Time High

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ComScore today released its monthly comScore qSearch report of the US search landscape for April. Naturally, Google led the market in April, but its market share slipped 0.6 points to 66.5%. Bing improved 0.4 points to 17.3% market share and Yahoo! improved 0.2 points to 12.0%. This is a record high for Bing and, given that Yahoo! search […]

Robert Scoble Interviews AdStage Co-founder & CEO, Sahil Jain

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Robert Scoble of Rackspace and Scobleizer interviewed our co-founder and CEO Sahil Jain about AdStage and building online ad campaigns. Check out the full video here!

5 Hacks to Speed Up Online Ad Optimization

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5 Hacks to Speed Up Online Ad Optimization

Managing online advertising campaigns can take up a lot of your time, but with a few tricks, you can quickly optimize your campaigns. Building an ad platform, we talk to some of the smartest advertisers around about things they do to get the most out of their campaigns. Here are 5 hacks you can start […]

Expanding Search Campaigns Up The Purchase Funnel

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Expanding Search Campaigns Up The Purchase Funnel | Search Engine Journal http://t.co/TgH3DifUvK — AdStage (@getadstage) April 12, 2013

Targeting effectively on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn advertising is unique because it lets you target professionals. This is especially useful in two scenarios – you’re either looking to hire and want to reach certain folks, or you’re a B2B company that wants to sell to professionals that might find your product or service useful in their work. The targeting options LinkedIn […]

Re: Can We Please Stop Hyping Social as the Marketing Messiah?

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Reflection on Nathan Safran of Search Engine Watch’s post about the tech press overhyping social media. Here’s the article: http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2257044/Can-We-Please-Stop-Hyping-Social-as-the-Marketing-Messiah Overall it’s a great article – the premise is that if you only follow media coverage, social may seem more important than search. But in reality, today search is still king when it comes to […]

Targeting quick tips

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I learn new things all the time about how to improve our ad campaigns here at AdStage. This week, I thought I’d share a quick tip that will help beginning advertisers improve ad targeting: Focus on the intent of your audience, rather than the audience themselves. Many of the users currently beta testing the AdStage […]

Online advertising’s impact on business

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How does online advertising relate to the bottom line of a business? Businesses rely on a few things to succeed and sustain. The primary goal of a business, which will never really change, is building and sustaining a strong customer base. This is the what sales and marketing teams spend their days working on, and […]

Where do new advertisers start?

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How does a small business new to online advertising take the first step? A common place to start is with a campaign on Google AdWords, and this makes a lot of sense. Google is the most visited destination on the web and paid search advertising lets businesses reach an audience that is explicitly looking for […]