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Facebook Audience Insights Are (Finally) Live

After announcing Audience Insights back in early May, Facebook has finally made it accessible to advertisers. The tool reveals details like locations, interests and behaviors ...

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This Week in Ad Tech: Week of June 17, 2014

Every week, I curate the flood of online advertising articles and resources to create This Week in Ad Tech. Check out this week's news, how-tos, and trends from the world of ...

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Learn About Facebook oCPM Bidding

What is Facebook oCPM Bidding oCPM, or Optimized Cost Per Mille, is Facebook's most flexible ad bid type to date. This CPM hybrid, allows an advertiser to set max bids based on ...

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How to Create Twitter Retargeting Campaigns

Twitter announced the ability to create your own remarketing campaigns from the Twitter Ads interface. While remarketing has been possible on Twitter since December, you're no ...


This Week in Ad Tech: Week of June 10, 2014

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Use Facebook Ads for Lead Nurture

B2B Marketers often nurture a lead for several days, even months, before the prospect is properly qualified for a sales rep to reach out. Including paid media into a content ...

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Pinterest Announces Self-Serve Promoted Pins

Pinterest has just announced two new products to help businesses reach more people on the social network: Do-it-yourself Promoted Pins and updated analytics.

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9 Ways to Optimize LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Campaigns

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates are a great way to promote your content within the LinkedIn feed and get your brand in front of a targeted audience. But just like every campaign ...


This Week in Ad Tech: Week of June 3, 2014

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How to Remarket on Facebook with Website Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences are a powerful and flexible way to target your Facebook ads to specific groups of users.  You can create custom audiences from email addresses, phone ...