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Facebook Video Ads: 5 Types of Video Content to Boost Your Conversions

Facebook video ads have long been seen as a powerful way to boost engagement, connect with target audiences, supercharge conversions - but this is...

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This Week in Ad News: Facebook’s Clear History Feature May Mess With Its Targeting Options

FACEBOOK'S CLEAR HISTORY FEATURE MAY MESS WITH ITS TARGETING OPTIONSFacebook warned advertisers that the tool, which will eventually give people the...

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This Week in Ad News: Google cracks down on ads tracking you across the web

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This Week in Ad News: Bing Ads rebrands as Microsoft Advertising

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Q1 YouTube Benchmarks for CPC, CPM, and CTR

The beginning of 2019 saw YouTube working hard to convince advertisers that it is quickly becoming a "TV killer," according to this article from...

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Costs on Bing ↓ in Q1 + More Ads Benchmarks

How much of your budget goes to advertising on Bing? If you said "none," you're not alone (but potentially missing out on a valuable audience...). ...

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Marketers shifting more $ to LinkedIn + Q1 2019 Benchmarks

How much of your 2019 budget is allocated to LinkedIn? According to this Digiday study, marketers say they're shifting budget there away from other...

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Twitter CPM plunges + more Benchmarks for Q1 2019

Digiday recently got a hold of a deck that shows how Twitter is pitching the power of advertising on its platform this year. Under the theme “When...

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Compare your numbers - Instagram Ads Benchmarks in Q1 2019

While Facebook continues to get tons of flack for questionable practices, Instagram has stepped in to pick up the slack. According to this Barron's...

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This Week in Ad News: Facebook Surprised Wall Street with an Earning Beat

BRAVE WILL PAY WEB BROWSERS TO WATCH ADS WITH NOVEL DIGITAL REVENUE MODELOpen source ad-blocking browser Brave is seeking to shake up digital...