Advertising at the Super Bowl

The biggest advertising event in the world The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the world. There are a few other huge events like the World Series, the World Cup Final, and the NBA championship, but something sets the Super Bowl apart. Because it’s in a league of it’s own, eager advertisers buy […]

Why should you advertise online?

Following up on last week’s post, I thought it would be helpful to outline the fundamental reasons that businesses should advertise online. Diving right in, there are at least 3 reasons that make online advertising a no brainer for businesses: Accessibility Audience Flexibility Are there better reasons for advertising online? Let us know what you […]

Will offline advertising be irrelevant in 10 years?

What’s the big deal with online advertising? You don’t need to be a big advertiser to see big returns Online advertising gives even small budget advertisers the ability to grow a customer base with search, social, and display advertising. A single person with a computer and internet access can open ad accounts and build campaigns […]

Is Social Media Really Changing Online Advertising?

Reflection on Stephen Baker’s New York Times article, Can Social Media Sell Soap? How is social media changing industries like online advertising? Stephen Baker’s great article got me thinking about social media – in order for advertisers to run effective campaigns using social media, they need to properly measure the right indicators. The growth of […]

Tips to Reduce CPA Immediately

CPA or Cost-per-acquisition, is the cost you pay per successful acquisition of a preset goal for your ads. These conversions can be any number of things: a user sign up, a specific page visit or duration, etc. This post is meant to help you immediately start optimizing your CPA, but first it’s key to understand […]

Understanding ad conversions

In the past few weeks, I went from having no ads and no experience running ads, to launching and trying to optimize our campaigns here at AdStage using our ad analytics dashboard and Google Analytics. This week, I want to go into more depth about how to use the dashboard and ad analytics, the various […]

We’re looking for a full-stack developer for AdStage!

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AdStage, Inc. San Francisco, CA web application frameworks test/behavior driven development ruby on rails node.js backbone.js SQL NoSQL javascript machine learning Job Description At AdStage, we’ve just raised a large round of funding and are actively hiring. We were also one of the top 4 trending startups on AngelList in June. Killer investors have joined […]

Ad terminology basics

Ad terminology can be confusing and overwhelming. To help you optimize your campaigns, this post is all about the basics of advertising terminology. After launching campaigns, it quickly became obvious that I would often have to reference resources to understand advertising. But how do you optimize campaigns without understanding the basics? How do you learn […]

Facebook Always Spends My Budget

Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned a lot about online advertising and the process of launching ad campaigns. After letting my campaigns run for a week, I tried to fix my mistakes and optimize my campaigns as much as possible. I noticed something that seemed to be a bit odd – Facebook is guaranteed […]

Optimize Facebook & Google ad campaigns

Last week I posted some basics about launching ad campaigns and setting up ways to track my progress. This week, I want to take a look at my first week’s results and explain what changes I plan to make to optimize my Facebook and Google ad campaigns and why. So lets see how I did […]