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    5 Blogs to Help Improve Your Google Ads Performance

    Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) can be a tremendously useful tool when it comes to advertising and brand awareness, but it's become very competitive, and, frankly, ...

    Facebook Ads

    Brush Up on Your Facebook Ads Skills with These 5 Handy Blogs

    Digital advertising gets more complicated with every iteration of each platform - it feels like the Facebook Ads Manager changes weekly. Here are some great blog posts to help ...

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    This Week in Ad News: Misinformation Sees Significantly More Engagement than Real News on Facebook

    NEW STUDY SHOWS THAT MISINFORMATION SEES SIGNIFICANTLY MORE ENGAGEMENT THAN REAL NEWS ON FACEBOOKAn analysis of Facebook data has shown that 'junk news' - or content from less ...

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    Facebook Video Ads: 5 Types of Video Content to Boost Your Conversions

    Facebook video ads have long been seen as a powerful way to boost engagement, connect with target audiences, supercharge conversions - but this is only true if you approach ...

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    This Week in Ad News: Facebook’s Clear History Feature May Mess With Its Targeting Options

    FACEBOOK'S CLEAR HISTORY FEATURE MAY MESS WITH ITS TARGETING OPTIONSFacebook warned advertisers that the tool, which will eventually give people the ability to see and delete ...

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    Q1 YouTube Benchmarks for CPC, CPM, and CTR

    The beginning of 2019 saw YouTube working hard to convince advertisers that it is quickly becoming a "TV killer," according to this article from Digiday. With average viewing ...