Facebook Ads

    Facebook Ads Audit Checklist [2017 Edition]

    You might be able to run the same old PPC ads on the same old search keywords without any significant dip in volume, but you won't get away with that with Facebook Ads since ...

    Microsoft Advertising

    How to Audit Your Bing Ads Account

    Let's be honest. Your Bing Ads account doesn't get as much love and attention as your Google AdWords account. And your Bing account likely started out as a carbon copy of your ...

    Google Ads

    How to Audit Your Google AdWords Account

    Whether you've inherited an AdWords account or created one from scratch, it's important to take a step back and review the account as a whole to make sure there are no ...

    Digital Marketing

    How To Use the Search Terms Report

    The search terms report is one of the most powerful sources of data in your PPC campaign. Tragically, it's also the best hidden. This report tells you exactly what people who ...

    Digital Marketing

    How To Structure & Setup High Performing PPC Campaigns

    Have you ever compared a mature PPC campaign with one from a new advertiser? The most striking difference is typically the campaign's focus and its role in the overall account ...

    Digital Marketing

    How To Set Your Campaign Budgets

    Are you looking to launch new ad campaigns and unsure of how your budgets should be set to start? We’ll walk you through the decision making process here to start you off on ...

    Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising

    Why Advertisers Should Use Sitelinks

    If you’re not using sitelinks in your AdWords and Bing Ads search campaigns, you’re seriously missing out. And here’s why.

    Google Ads

    How To Set Up Google AdWords Conversion Optimizer

    Want to get more conversions? Definitely! Want to spend less money on wasteful keywords? Of course you do.

    Google Ads

    How to Set First-Time Keyword Bids on AdWords With Automatic Bidding

    Setting your keyword bids may be the most intimidating part of building a new Google AdWords search campaign. Google provides more options than most networks and how you bid ...

    Facebook Ads

    Top 5 Reasons Your Facebook Ad Has Limited Reach

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