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    You Can Now Apply to Be Verified on Instagram

    This week on the PPC Show: You can now apply to be verified on Instagram, Facebook lets publishers test organic posts, and Snapchat can now track your emotions. Tune in to ...


    3 Reasons to Ditch Excel Reporting for Good

    Among 6,000 (and growing!) marketing technology tools on the market today, one remains consistent across industries and businesses worldwide. Whether you’re an accountant or ...

    Save Hours on Creative Reporting with the New Ad Creative Widget

    For lead gen marketers and account managers, reporting on ad visuals is a part of everyday life. To understand what's converting, executives and clients want to know not only  ...

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    Facebook Cuts 5,000 Targeting Options

    Last week, Facebook removed 5,000 targeting options, Google shared tips on food advertising, Instagram Sponsored Content became the new summer job for Generation Z, and ...

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    Amazon Is Testing Video Ads in Search

    This week, Amazon started showing video ads in search, Facebook asked large Pages to go through a special authorization, and Google Analytics launched cross-device reporting ...

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    Facebook Launches Playable Ads

    Welcome to This Week in Ad Tech, AdStage's weekly news roundup. Below are the top PPC headlines for the week of August 6-10, 2018.

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    12 B2B Companies That Do Instagram Ads Right

    Over 500 million users open the Instagram app daily. For businesses looking to connect with millennial decision makers, the platform is a great medium to give B2B brands a ...

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    AdStage’s Q2 2018 Paid Media Benchmark Report

    What’s a good conversion rate? How much should you pay for a click on Facebook? How about other networks, like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Bing?

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    Facebook Updates Video Ad Metrics

    Welcome to This Week in Ad Tech, AdStage's weekly news roundup. Here're the top headlines for the week of July 30th - August 3rd, 2018.