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Save Hours on Creative Reporting with the New Ad Creative Widget

For lead gen marketers and account managers, reporting on ad visuals is a part of everyday life. To understand what's converting, executives and clients want to know not only how their ads perform but also what the top (or bottom) ads look like.

Currently, the most common way to include ad visuals it to pull a report from the native networks showing the best performing ads by a certain KPI. Then, the data needs to be copied, pasted, and sorted in a spreadsheet to compare cross-network information. Ads must then be located in each network and screenshotted in the actual environment. Finally, these images must be pasted into the appropriate reports to share with others.

This multi-step process is a low-value task that takes hours to complete, taking marketers away from actual marketing activities, strategic planning, client relations, and more. But AdStage is happy to announce a brand new feature that takes this time-consuming process down to minutes!

The Ad Creative Widget brings your visual reporting to the next level by displaying ads as they are seen in the native network directly in dashboards. This widget type will automatically show the top (or bottom) ads exactly as they appear to the audience. Users can choose specific ads or let Report determine the ads based on user-entered criteria like “top 2 ads based on conversion rate.”


With the Ad Creative widget, you can display your ads exactly as they appear to your audience without copying and pasting from the native networks.

Exporting these visuals to a report enables an easy method for sharing ads and their performance with clients, executives, or team members. Show off the creativeness, relevancy, and attractiveness of the ads, while demonstrating each ad’s contribution to overall conversion goals.

Building an ad creative dashboard also allows for visual ad analysis, such as placement of the CTA button, text in images, or background colors. Check for trends among top performing ads or spot problem areas in low performing ads, in order to better optimize your campaigns.

If you are already an AdStage customer, visit our FAQ to learn how you can save time by using the Ad Creative Widget to add stunning ad visuals to your reports today.

Or join our 14-day free trial to see how AdStage can save you hours in analysis and optimization time while delighting clients and executives with beautiful and easy-to-create reports.

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