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    Introducing the Latest Version of AdStage Report

    We're excited to reveal Report V2—an incredibly flexible way to visualize and analyze your paid search, paid social, web analytics, and sales funnel metrics with customizable ...

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    AdStage Pro Tips: Convert Alerts into Rules in Automate

    Turn Your Alert Into a Rule As marketers, we keep eyes on our ad accounts all the time, whether it’s checking CPA, spend, or relevance scores. Here’s where Automated Alerts ...

    AdStage Products

    Introducing AskAdStage: Slack App for PPC Reporting

    With our core mission to “connect marketers to the data they need to analyze, automate, and report on their digital ad campaigns”, many of our latest products have been ...

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    AdStage Pro Tips: Quick Links

    Here at AdStage, our goal is to give marketers tools you need to streamline your advertising strategy, while saving time and boosting efficiency. We’re marketers ourselves, so ...

    AdStage Products

    What's New in AdStage: June

    Welcome to the June edition of What’s New in AdStage! This month we launched our Slack app and made it even easier to get your data in and out of AdStage. Let's go!

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    Focus on Campaign Strategy with Automate Bulk Actions

    Managing your ad campaigns individually on each network is time consuming and repetitive. Instead of dedicating resources to analyze campaign performance or refining your ad ...

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    New Automate Flighting: Sequence Ads Together to Tell Your Brand Story

    New Automate Flighting Feature Now you can show campaigns, ad groups, and ads in an ordered sequence to reach your target audience at every buying stage (resulting in higher ...

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    What's New in AdStage: May

    Welcome to the May edition of What’s New in AdStage! We spent the last month building a ton of feature enhancements in Report and Automate. Let’s take a look at the latest and ...

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    Why AdStage Automation Beats Facebook Automation Every Time

    If you’re a smart paid social advertiser, you have a whole lot of Facebook ads running at once. And, if you’re a savvy advertiser, you know exactly how you want to optimize ...

    AdStage Products

    What's New in AdStage: March

    Welcome to the March edition of What's New in AdStage! We released even more enhancements in Report, Automate, and Create & Manage to provide you cleaner management and ...