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    AdStage Integrates Google Analytics, Tips for Google AdWords Labels, 75% Mobile Clicks on Apple Devices, & More...

    Every week, we curate the flood of online advertising articles and resources to create This Week in Ad Tech. Check out this week's news, how-tos, and trends from the world of ...

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    How Attribution Works with AdStage Conversions

    When you’re tracking conversions with multiple systems, you’ve probably noticed that the numbers never quite match up. While this can be extremely confusing, do not panic! It’s ...

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    Twitter Auto Bidding, Targeting Improvements, Bulk Editing, and more come to AdStage

    This month in AdStage: Automate bidding on Twitter, adjust location based bids on AdWords, utilize the latest LinkedIn targeting features, and more!

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    How To Create and Test LinkedIn Ads in Bulk with AdStage

    You can now create and A/B test LinkedIn Text Ads and Sponsored Updates easily to maximize your campaign ROI with the new Bulk Ad Creation feature in AdStage.

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    New AdStage Features, Apps and What We're Building Next

    As we wrap up 2014, we wanted to update you on what we've added this past month and fill you in on some of our plans for 2015!

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    Twitter Ads, Multi-Account Support, and More Come to AdStage!

    This is our most significant release ever! This month we've added:

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    What's New with AdStage in September

    Automated Rules For All We've unlocked Automated Rules for all AdStage customers. Now everyone can automate tasks like editing bids, pausing low-performing ads and scheduling ...

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    What's New with AdStage in August

    August has been a big month for us at AdStage! We announced our Series A funding, grew our team and added two major features to the product.

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    What’s New with AdStage in July

    Check out some of the new features we've added to AdStage in July!

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    AdStage Ad Platform Announces Support for New LinkedIn Ad Type ‘Direct Sponsored Content’

    AdStage is the Only LinkedIn Partner in the World with Support for Both Text Ad and Sponsored Update Ad Types