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    How Marketers Measure Video Campaign Effectiveness [Report]

    Digital video ad spend keeps rising, with the latest video advertising study showing that marketers spend more than half of their ad budgets on video. On average, marketers ...

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    7 Simple Google AdWords Hacks That Can Double Your ROI

    Google AdWords has become a better deal for marketers lately. Based on the AdStage data, AdWords CPC decreased 42% in the fourth quarter of 2017, while CPMs decreased 30% QoQ ...

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    10 PPC Tools to Steal Your Competitors’ Best Ads

    One of the best-kept secrets of our industry is that you don’t need to be a creative genius to come up with an effective advertising campaign. Most good ideas are creative ...


    Measuring the ROI of Event Marketing

    On average, CMOs allocate almost a quarter of their total annual budgets to live events, according to Forrester. That’s not surprising, because many marketers consider event ...

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    How Much Do Spotify Ads Cost?

    In investor meetings ahead of Spotify’s IPO, the company’s CEO, Daniel Ek, described Spotify’s mission as the “hard work of helping one million artists live off their art.” As ...

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    How to Pass the 2018 AdWords Exam in 7 Days While Working Full-Time

    About half a year ago, I got my first AdWords certificate. It all began when we at AdStage found out that we needed at least two AdWords-certified people in the company to ...

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    3 Agency Tips to Wow Your Clients Before You Send Them PPC Reports

    It’s 3:15pm and you’re just wrapping up your budget optimization plan for the week. You get a ping from sales informing you of a brand new client – time to break out your ...

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    What is the Lin - Rodnitzky Ratio?

    In the days of Mad Men and lunchtime martinis, marketing was driven as much by feel as by measurement and data. The reach of a magazine or billboard ad could be approximately ...

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    This Week In Ad Tech Headlines Feb 26 - Mar 2nd [PPC Podcast]

    This week on The PPC Show, Paul Wicker and JD Prater break down the top nine headlines in ad tech and digital advertising for the week of Feb 26 - Mar 2nd.