The Performance Marketer’s Guide To Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization

    Part 1 - Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) Basics        1

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    How B2B Marketing Budgets Will Evolve in 2018

    70% of marketers expect an increase in demand generation budgets in 2018, according to the Demand Generation Survey.

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    Facebook vs. YouTube: Which Platform Is More Effective for Video Marketing? [Report]

    Are you creating more marketing videos this year? Most marketers say, yes, and most prefer YouTube over Facebook (87% vs. 68%). If video marketing is on your to-do list for ...

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    Google Shopping Ads: 9 Quick Tips You Need to Win

    Google Showcase Ads display results for commercial searches above AdWords ads, creating a unique opportunity to get your product into your customer’s shopping cart. Intrigued? ...

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    Top 7 Skills to Take Your Performance Marketing Career to the Next Level

    What makes an effective paid marketer? Looking for answers, I asked some of the industry's most prominent paid marketers about the top skills to develop in 2018 to become a PPC ...

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    Turning the Tables on YouTube Audiences

    Audiences were all the rage for advertisers and marketers in 2017. No longer just a tool for social media or display network marketing, audience targets became a major focus in ...


    Excel vs. Google Sheets: Which is Better for PPC Reporting?

    You have finished your campaign. You see all the data you’ve collected during the campaign and, to your delight, everything looks great.

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    How to Interview a New PPC Agency [Infographic]

    Properly vetting a new PPC agency is just as crucial as if you were interviewing candidates for a senior-level position. You should be asking a lot of the same questions, ...


    How to Write for the AdStage Blog

    Every week, we receive emails, Intercom messages, and DMs on our personal Twitter asking to submit an article to our blog at AdStage. Many come from good writers with ...