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    5 Women Who Inspired Me to Be a Better PPC Marketer

    The PPC industry, later expanded to Paid Media, is less than two decades old; while one of the oldest digital mediums—the web banner ad—was launched just prior, in 1994. ...

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    How to Use Bing Ads to Reach New Customers

    Don't Overlook Bing Ads It’s been seven years since Windows unveiled Bing, and since then, the search engine and the teams behind it, have made strides to catch up with the ...

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    Recruit Top Talent Using LinkedIn Ads

    A study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research found that adding a star scientist to a biology team, lifted the productivity of the team by 54 percent on average.

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    REPORT: How Modern Marketers Measure Advertising Effectiveness

    That question seems to be one of the most hot-button topics in digital marketing today. Most likely because finding the answer is so challenging thanks to numerous channels, ...

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    Conversion Rate Optimization: How to Turn Luck into a Repeatable Process

    Conversion Rate Optimization Process One of my favorite aspects of running digital advertising campaigns are the virtually unlimited options of testing to increase performance. ...

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    How to Talk About PPC Results with Your Boss

    PPC industry terms and acronyms can seem like a foreign language to those not managing digital media.

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    Quick Guide to Amazon's Advertiser Audiences

    Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods is intriguing news that’s been covered by just about every major media outlet, but the company quietly announced another addition to its ...

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    How to Save 10 Hours on PPC Management With Automation

    Managing a PPC campaign takes time. A big part of that time is taken by activities you repeat over and over, like scheduling ads, optimizing bids, and keyword management.

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    [The PPC Show] This Week In Ad Tech Headlines for June 12-16th

    This week on The PPC Show, Paul and JD break down the top news and trends in ad tech and digital marketing.

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    Quick Guide to Facebook Lookalike Audiences for Multiple Countries

    Facebook recently released an update to its Lookalike Audiences that makes them even more powerful and easier to use for advertisers who wish to reach a global audience. If ...