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    10 Slack Apps to Boost Your Team's Productivity

    As a PPC agency director or team manager, you know that your team’s productivity is one of the most important assets. Unfortunately, there's one thing that could be draining ...

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    How PPC Managers Can Work With Other Departments

    Step one to getting anyone to believe and trust what you’re saying is to prove your credibility. The same rules apply when PPC managers reach out to other departments to sync ...

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    An Agency Director's Guide to Preventing Team Burnout

    The national unemployment rate is down 50% since 2012, yet employees are still overworked and stressed. How can that be if there are more people to share the workload and how ...

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    How to Recruit Social Influencers Without Spending a Fortune

    Influencer marketing is hot right now. It should be because it works. It’s not just hot because people are talking about it - it’s because it’s a way to reach audiences who are ...

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    Should Your Demand Generation Team Be Made Up Of Millennials?

    I feel sorry for millennials; they get bad press. Perhaps the worst thing about being a millennial is that they are so typecast, but it may just appear to be that way due to ...

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    Peter Levitan's 7 Tips for Agency Professionals

    Peter Levitan knows agencies. He ran Business development at Saatchi & Saatchi in Europe and North America, owned his own Portland agency and was a founder and CEO of two Internet ...