Automated Rules to Keep Ad Costs Low, Boost Performance, and Scale Lead Generation

    Ever set your alarm clock during off-work hours to pause campaigns, check up on a new ad, or make sure you’re not exceeding your campaign budget? If you’re a performance ...

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    3 Reasons to Choose Smart Bidding Over PPC Automation to Improve ROAS

    When AdWords first launched in 2000, manual and automated bidding were the only options. To succeed in paid search, you really had to know how to bid. You would manually set ...

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    5 Steps to Optimize Dayparting

    Dayparting is a must for anyone running online ads, and optimizing it is an effective way to both decrease your spend and increase ROI. Below is a list of five steps that can ...

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    Ad Flighting: How to Automate Your Seasonal Advertising

    In a perfect marketer’s world, views convert into clicks, and clicks convert into purchases every time a person sees your ads.

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    Why Robots Will Never Run PPC Agencies

    Outsourcing and automating are two of the easiest ways for companies to cut costs and save time these days. Commonwealth Bank of Australia started minimizing their cyber ...

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    How to Automate Your Ad Sequences For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most awaited days of the year for all online retailers. Last year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday represented over $6.5 billion in ...

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    10 PPC Alerts to Boost Your Performance

    Whether you’re an agency or in-house advertiser, keeping tabs on your campaign performance across different channels is a lot of work. From spend monitoring to ad ranking, ...

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    Facebook Ad Fatigue: How to Keep Your Ads Fresh

    It takes a lot of testing to uncover one really good Facebook ad. Once marketers find it, they scale it, investing more money in just the top-performing ad. Facebook ad fatigue ...

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    The Future of PPC Automation: 7 Experts Weigh In

    The world of PPC is going through deep changes thanks to the power of automation. Automation is helping PPC specialists and agencies free their time from mundane tasks to focus on ...

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    Focus on Campaign Strategy with Automate Bulk Actions

    Managing your ad campaigns individually on each network is time consuming and repetitive. Instead of dedicating resources to analyze campaign performance or refining your ad ...