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Why you shouldn’t ignore Bing according to Q3 2018 Bing Benchmarks: CPC, CPM, CTR

Despite its 17% revenue growth year over year, Bing is forever trying to sprint out from under Google’s shadow. Earlier this year, Google expanded ad capabilities to allow more ...

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3 Reasons to Scale Your PPC Campaigns with the Microsoft Audience Network

The eyes and ears of the PPC community may be on AdWords and Facebook ads, but behind the scenes, Microsoft has quietly turned into a billion-dollar advertising giant.

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How to Use Bing Ads to Reach New Customers

Don't Overlook Bing Ads It’s been seven years since Windows unveiled Bing, and since then, the search engine and the teams behind it, have made strides to catch up with the ...

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How to Conduct Quarterly Audit on Your PPC Accounts

So you created an ad account last quarter and it’s still running ads. You’re still good to go, right? Well, if you’d like to avoid wasting spend and prefer not to lose your ...

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Tackling Bing's Upcoming Keyword Match Updates

Bing recently announced a number of forthcoming updates that will affect the way keyword matching works. Make sure you understand what’s happening, how this will affect you, ...

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Top 5 Excel Features for PPC

There’s probably no tool more dear to a digital marketer's heart than Microsoft Excel. It’s the must-have data analysis program that helps turn raw numbers into actionable ...

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Planning A Knockout 2015 PPC Strategy [Webinar Announcement]

Have you begun planning your PPC strategy for 2015 yet? Do you know what the future looks like for the digital ad space in the coming year? In this webinar, experts will talk ...

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10 Things Every PPC Account Should Have [Webinar]

  Are you just starting out as an advertiser? Maybe you just need a refresher on things you should be doing? Do you have a clear vision of your goals and all the bells and ...