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    Closing the Loop Between Paid Marketing and Sales with AdStage Join

    Imagine a paid ad campaign with tons of impressions, a great click-through-rate, and a low cost-per-click cost...this sounds like a marketer’s dream. But is it really making a ...

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    Meet AskAdStage — the Slack app that makes it easy to share paid marketing data with your entire team

    Reporting on paid ad performance across all search and social networks is a weekly or monthly task for lead generation marketers. It would be great if this was the only time ...

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    3 Ways to Use CRM Data for Lead Generation

    Marketing budgets have shifted from traditional media to digital ads, which means that data -- more than ever before -- will run the show, and marketers can now measure pretty ...

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    How to Measure the Success of Your Lead Generation Webinar

    B2B marketers love webinars. A proven lead gen tactic, webinars bring SQLs and are easy to measure. With the right metrics, you can tell precisely if the topic resonated with ...

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    How Marketers Measure Video Campaign Effectiveness [Report]

    Digital video ad spend keeps rising, with the latest video advertising study showing that marketers spend more than half of their ad budgets on video. On average, marketers ...

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    MQL vs. SQL: What's the Difference Between Marketing and Sales-Qualified Leads?

    As marketers, we already know there are a ton of abbreviations used in our industry – PPC, CTR, BTC, KPIs – and so many more, it can have you feeling like WTH (that’s What The ...

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    How to Measure the Value of Your Lead Generation Campaigns

    How many of your marketing leads convert into sales? Data from SiriusDecisions shows that 98% of MQLs (marketing-qualified leads) will never result in closed business.

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    Unlocking PPC Revenue Growth with CRMs

    Welcome to episode #80 of The PPC Show, where we interview the best and brightest in paid marketing. This week we're joined by Heather Cooan, Founder and Principal Growth ...

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    How to Measure Social Media Effectiveness

    Ah, the eternal question: Is your social media marketing effective?

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    What is ROI and How to Calculate it [Podcast]

    Welcome to episode #76 of The PPC Show, where we interview the best and brightest in paid marketing. This week we're joined by Andrew Breen, the President at Outshine.