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How B2B Marketing Budgets Will Evolve in 2018

70% of marketers expect an increase in demand generation budgets in 2018, according to the Demand Generation Survey.

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Closing the Loop on Retail Marketing ROI

Despite glum predictions, US retailers saw steady growth in 2017 and finished with a record-breaking $598 billion holiday season, proving once and for all that retail is not ...

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How to Measure Incremental Revenue in Paid Marketing

If you can drive revenue and growth above the cost of advertising, why would you want to cap your marketing budget? The truth is, that’s not how most marketing organizations ...

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7 Benefits of Closed-Loop Reporting

If you’re running a business in 2018, you certainly know that your success largely depends on your ability to acquire high-value customers at a low cost. If your ability to ...

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10 Eye-Opening Facts About Marketing Budget Allocation

Every two years, The CMO Survey asks hundreds of senior marketing executives hard-hitting questions about their marketing performance, hiring, and budget allocation to track ...

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PPC KPIs That Matter to a CMO; Director; Manager

Nearly everyone’s been in a meeting where your boss asks for a specific piece of information and your mind goes blank as you fumble through your notes and try desperately to ...

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The 3Cs Framework: Talking Paid Marketing with the C-Suite

Time is a scarce resource, and especially at the C-level. A face-to-face meeting with the company’s senior executives is a rare opportunity to highlight your team’s successes ...

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What Makes a Great Monthly PPC Report?

Take Your Monthly PPC Reports from Good to Great PPC reporting is a necessary evil in our line of work. Though nearly all of us would much rather be making campaign ...

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Quick Guide to Amazon's Advertiser Audiences

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods is intriguing news that’s been covered by just about every major media outlet, but the company quietly announced another addition to its ...