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    What's Next in Performance Advertising

    Just when you thought you were on the bleeding edge of digital marketing because your retargeting capabilities are set up and humming, a report from Forrester Consulting, ...

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    Retargeting Ads: 7 Best Practices to Supercharge Performance

    As a marketer, it's troubling to know that only a small percentage of your total visitors will convert from online advertising – especially with tight budgets. Retargeting can ...

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    Expanding Campaigns Using First Party Data

    This week's guest of honor on AdStage’s #PPCPodcast was none other than Joe Kerschbaum of 3Q. Lover of agency life, Joe also runs his own podcast and speaks at major conferences.

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    AdBlock Plus vs. The Digital Marketer

    A couple years ago, ad blockers started the ongoing war against digital advertisers. To many, applications like AdBlock Plus can be seen as a savior, rescuing helpless ...

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    17 Free Photoshop Templates for Google Display Ads

    Create Compelling AdWords Display Image Ads Designing creative image ads is one of the of the most fun parts of being a digital advertiser. It's where you get to apply the ...

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    Counting Down to Sales in AdWords Ads Just Got Easier

    Last week, I wrote about how to use scripts to make meaningful optimizations. One of the optimizations I listed was the sales countdown script. In September, Google announced ...

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    How to Improve Your Targeting with Google's New Custom Affinity Audiences

    Last week, Google announced that Custom Affinity Audiences is available for everyone on the Google Display Network. Google’s Custom Affinity Audiences gives advertisers more ...

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    How to Get Started with Remarketing Campaigns

    Are you tired of people leaving your site without signing up, placing an order or doing anything of value? You should be. After all, it took a lot of effort getting them onto ...

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    Google "Magazine Ads" Both Help and Harm Advertisers

    Google today announced the launch of "magazine ads" for AdWords. The new format takes your existing text ads and formats them to fit display ad units on webpages in the Google ...

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    Google Announces New AdWords Ad Types & Management Tools

    Today at the AdWords Performance Forum, Jerry Dischler, the VP of Product Management for AdWords at Google, presented a slew of new AdWords features that are scheduled to roll ...