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    The Ultimate Guide to Amazon PPC Advertising

    Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows merchants to gain visibility and to thrive amidst cut-throat competition. This platform has evolved into one of the most powerful ...

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    Closing the Loop on Retail Marketing ROI

    Despite glum predictions, US retailers saw steady growth in 2017 and finished with a record-breaking $598 billion holiday season, proving once and for all that retail is not ...

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    5 Steps to Optimize Dayparting

    Dayparting is a must for anyone running online ads, and optimizing it is an effective way to both decrease your spend and increase ROI. Below is a list of five steps that can ...

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    Brand Safety: The New Must-Have PPC Metric

    For the second time this year, advertisers are (at least temporarily) abandoning YouTube because the video platform compromised brand safety by displaying advertiser messages ...

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    44 E-Commerce KPIs and Metrics for Your Marketing Dashboard

    The National Retail Federation predicts that online is going to be the major driver of growth for retail in the next years to come. No surprises here: consumers spend more and ...