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    Facebook Ads CPM, CPC, & CTR Benchmarks for Q1 2018

    For Q1 2018, we’ve analyzed over 3 billion Facebook ad impressions and more than 80 million clicks across 3,000+ unique accounts. Compared to Q4 ’17, we found the median CPM ...

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    Trusting the Facebook Algorithm To Deliver Results

    Welcome to episode #84 of The PPC Show. This is the second half of our interview with Merry Morud, Associate Creative Director at Aimclear, to discuss the recent Facebook ...

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    The Martech Evolution for Digital Advertising Agencies

    Welcome to episode #82 of The PPC Show, where we interview the best and brightest in paid marketing. This week we’re joined by Lance Loveday and Amanda Evans from Closed Loop ...

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    ROAS vs ROI: How to Choose the Right Facebook Performance Metrics

    Over the past ten years, Facebook advertising has evolved from simple banner ads and listings to become a highly complex tool to target distinct demographics. Yet despite being ...

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    Ignoring the Funnel: The Unlikely Facebook Ads Strategies That Work

    When it comes to Facebook Ads, there are a lot of tried-and-true practices that work for obvious reasons a vast majority of the time. But then there are those exciting ...

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    5 Ways Facebook Analytics Beats Google Analytics

    Are you taking advantage of Facebook Analytics? What if I told you that it may be better than Google Analytics at measuring and analyzing your audience?

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    The Performance Marketer’s Guide To Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization

    I joined JD a few months ago on the PPC Show podcast to talk about my experience using Facebook’s campaign budget optimization feature which was (at the time) just starting to ...

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    Facebook Ads CPM, CPC, & CTR Benchmarks for Q4 2017

    For Q4 2017, we've analyzed over 1.7 billion Facebook ad impressions across 1700+ unique accounts in US currency to uncover the average CPM, CPC, and CTR. Compared to Q3'17, we ...

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    Facebook Audience Network: How to Improve Results

    Facebook Audience Network (FAN), which reported a $1 billion run rate earlier this year, is a great option for marketers looking to scale their ad campaigns. FAN lets you run ...

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    Facebook Ad Fatigue: How to Keep Your Ads Fresh

    It takes a lot of testing to uncover one really good Facebook ad. Once marketers find it, they scale it, investing more money in just the top-performing ad. Facebook ad fatigue ...