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    The Expert PPC Marketer's Retargeting Guide For Facebook

    Whether you’re an experienced Facebook marketer or just getting started, retargeting is one strategy you can't afford to mismanage. Sure, retargeting seems pretty ...

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    How B2B Marketers Can Use Facebook Video Ads to Drive Leads

    “No one uses Facebook anymore.” “Facebook doesn’t work for B2B.” Do these comments sound familiar? Chances are that you’ve heard someone say them to you IRL or you’ve read them ...

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    5 Ways Lead Gen Marketers Can Use Facebook’s New Feature to Spy on Competition

    Last week, Facebook shipped a new feature which allows anyone to see the ads any business is running on the platform. This is designed to bring more transparency to ads and ...

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    How to Spend Less on Facebook Ads with Automated Rules [Case Study]

    Performance marketing is about achieving the best results at the lowest cost. It sounds simple, but managing ad budgets can be tricky -- especially today, when the costs of ...

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    Facebook Ads CPM, CPC, & CTR Benchmarks for Q1 2018

    For Q1 2018, we’ve analyzed over 3 billion Facebook ad impressions and more than 80 million clicks across 3,000+ unique accounts. Compared to Q4 ’17, we found the median CPM ...

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    ROAS vs ROI: How to Choose the Right Facebook Performance Metrics

    Over the past ten years, Facebook advertising has evolved from simple banner ads and listings to become a highly complex tool to target distinct demographics. Yet despite being ...

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    Ignoring the Funnel: The Unlikely Facebook Ads Strategies That Work

    When it comes to Facebook Ads, there are a lot of tried-and-true practices that work for obvious reasons a vast majority of the time. But then there are those exciting ...

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    5 Ways Facebook Analytics Beats Google Analytics

    Are you taking advantage of Facebook Analytics? What if I told you that it may be better than Google Analytics at measuring and analyzing your audience?

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    The Performance Marketer’s Guide To Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization

    I joined JD a few months ago on the PPC Show podcast to talk about my experience using Facebook’s campaign budget optimization feature which was (at the time) just starting to ...