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    How To Use Custom & Lookalike Audiences with Facebook Ads

    Facebook offers a great deal of targeting options that you can’t find anywhere else, but there's much more than the ability to target users by their relationship status. In ...

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    5 Tips For Creating Effective PPC Ads

    I admit it: I really get a kick out of writing online ads! It’s an opportunity to craft a message that will be seen by thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people. But the ...

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    Facebook Always Spends My Budget

    Over the past few weeks, I've learned a lot about online advertising and the process of launching ad campaigns. After letting my campaigns run for a week, I tried to fix my ...

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    Optimize Facebook & Google ad campaigns

    Last week I posted some basics about launching ad campaigns and setting up ways to track my progress. This week, I want to take a look at my first week's results and explain ...

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    Setting up AdWords & Facebook campaigns

    In the first post I asked some important questions, made some predictions, and identified some of the main differences I know of between Search & Social ad networks. Now it's ...