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    Top 5 Facebook Ad Reports – and How to Get Them

    It’s always been easy to create ads in Facebook, but until recently, pulling reports with actionable data had been notoriously difficult. But now that Facebook reports have ...

    Facebook Ads

    Quick Guide to Analyzing Facebook Ads Performance

    My first foray into Facebook ads was back in 2008. Even then, Facebook offered an extremely easy way to start advertising to your perfect audience. But while it was easy to ...

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    Facebook Ads Audit Checklist [2017 Edition]

    You might be able to run the same old PPC ads on the same old search keywords without any significant dip in volume, but you won't get away with that with Facebook Ads since ...

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    Top 5 Reasons Your Facebook Ad Has Limited Reach

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    How To Use Broad Categories with Facebook Ads

    According to Facebook, 137,663,700 of their users are away from family. This isn't data from a recent report… I pulled it by simply looking at the reach estimates provided for ...

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    The AdStage Guide to Facebook Ads

    Editors Note: This post was updated on November 29, 2017

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    How to Target Facebook Ads to Your Audience

    This post was updated on December 15, 2016 Getting started with Facebook advertising is a pretty exciting experience. You’ll be impressed with the way Facebook lets you ...

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    How To Use Custom & Lookalike Audiences with Facebook Ads

    Facebook offers a great deal of targeting options that you can’t find anywhere else, but there's much more than the ability to target users by their relationship status. In ...

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    Facebook Always Spends My Budget

    Over the past few weeks, I've learned a lot about online advertising and the process of launching ad campaigns. After letting my campaigns run for a week, I tried to fix my ...

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    Optimize Facebook & Google ad campaigns

    Last week I posted some basics about launching ad campaigns and setting up ways to track my progress. This week, I want to take a look at my first week's results and explain ...