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    An In-Depth Look at Facebook’s Lead Ads

    It’s been a big quarter for new releases in Facebook Ads. First, the platform opened up Instagram as a new advertising placement. Now, they just announced that their highly ...

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    Mastering Mobile App Engagement Ads

    As a mobile marketer, one of your main responsibilities is getting people to engage with your company’s mobile app. Building awareness to increase installs is important, but ...

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    4 Ways to Get Real Results From Your Facebook Ads

    Over the last few years it has become apparent that Facebook expects marketers to present users with a visually appetizing reason to engage with their company’s ad. Nowadays, ...

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    The Complete Comparison Guide for Retargeting on Facebook

    When retargeting users through Facebook Ads, you have two options: You can use either Custom Audiences, or Facebook Exchange (FBX). But which option should you pick? Overall, ...

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    How to Use Marketo’s Ad Bridge to Nurture Leads

    New lead generation can be one of the most inefficient forms of B2B advertising; especially if the prospect has never heard of your company. A report from Forrester cites that ...

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    Google Analytics Integration, Facebook Automated Bidding, PDF Reports, and More Come to AdStage

    This month in AdStage: Create custom Google Analytics reports, automate bidding on Facebook, save your global dashboard tables as a PDF, and more!

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    Rack Up Video Views Using Facebook and Twitter Ads

    As additional businesses start to dabble in social media, it’s becoming more elusive to capture audience attention. Enter the rise of native video. Video offers a highly ...

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    Reach Niche Audiences with Overlap Targeting for Facebook Ads

    This week, we’ve released Overlap Targeting for Facebook Ads, a powerful new feature that lets advertisers combine targeting to reach niche audiences.

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    Optimizing Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

    After crafting your campaign, placing the conversion code and assigning a budget, it’s time to take it live. Cue the fireworks and office cake. Once the celebration subsides, ...

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    Facebook Business Manager: A Comprehensive Guide

    Facebook Business Manager Unveiled Anyone who has been part of an agency or large internal organization that managed Facebook Ads in its early years can attest to how vigilante ...