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Google "Magazine Ads" Both Help and Harm Advertisers

Google today announced the launch of "magazine ads" for AdWords. The new format takes your existing text ads and formats them to fit display ad...

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Enhance AdWords Results with Segments

When a marketer logs into an AdWords account, their eyes are fixated on the converted clicks and cost/converted clicks columns. They start...

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How to Improve Your AdWords Quality Score

The elusive Quality Score... it's all some search marketers seem to think about when optimizing their PPC campaigns. But there's no reason to be...

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How To Target Similar Customers in AdWords

Savvy marketers utilize Facebook’s Lookalike audience targeting to reach new users who are similar to fans or lead lists. But, did you know you...

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Google Announces New AdWords Ad Types & Management Tools

Today at the AdWords Performance Forum, Jerry Dischler, the VP of Product Management for AdWords at Google, presented a slew of new AdWords...

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LinkedIn Audience Network vs Google Display Network

I read a thought-provoking statement about the LinkedIn Ads Audience Network this week:

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Quick Start Guide to Analyzing AdWords Performance

Reviewing your AdWords performance can be pretty overwhelming. Not only are there dozens of metrics and ways to slice and dice the data, but...

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How to Audit Your Google AdWords Account

Whether you've inherited an AdWords account or created one from scratch, it's important to take a step back and review the account as a whole to...

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Why Advertisers Should Use Sitelinks

If you’re not using sitelinks in your AdWords and Bing Ads search campaigns, you’re seriously missing out. And here’s why.

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How To Set Up Google AdWords Conversion Optimizer

Want to get more conversions? Definitely! Want to spend less money on wasteful keywords? Of course you do.