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    How to Use the Power of Salesforce to Improve Paid Advertising

    As we continue to reiterate the importance of better aligning your marketing and sales teams, we can’t ignore the biggest keeper of all things sales – Salesforce. The ...

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    Show a More Complete Picture by Adding HubSpot Data to Ad Performance Reports

    Marketers have a lot going on. Not only are we responsible for the overall brand, product messaging, and press of a company, but we are the primary drivers of lead generation ...

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    Connecting Twitter Lead Gen Cards to HubSpot Smart Lists

    Twitter provides many options to connect their Lead Generation Cards to marketing automation systems, with the exclusion of one very popular platform, HubSpot. In this post ...

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    How to Leverage Marketing Automation with Paid Social Ads

    AdStage’s CEO, Sahil Jain, recently presented at HubSpot’s INBOUND15, covering the exciting intersection of Social Paid advertising and Marketing Automation. The topic seems ...