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    3 Key Tips for Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

    If your content marketing efforts don't ultimately keep you top of mind with your audience or drive leads down the line, you won't see the ROI you're looking for. It's that simple.

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    How to Align LinkedIn Sponsored InMail with Account-Based Marketing

    Last post, we covered best practices and general tips for creating your LinkedIn Sponsored InMail campaigns. In part two of this series, we take a deep dive into specific ideas ...

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    How to Construct Successful LinkedIn Sponsored InMails

    LinkedIn’s network of over 500M professionals globally now offers Sponsored InMail to all marketers through its self-serve Campaign Manager. This unique ad format is designed ...

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    Quick Guide to LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Campaigns

    LinkedIn Sponsored InMail is now available to all advertisers through the LinkedIn Ads Campaign Manager. This campaign type, previously only available to managed clients, ...

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    9 Easy Ways to Automate Your LinkedIn Ads for Better Results

    Why You Should Automate Your LinkedIn Ads The topic of automation in marketing raises a lot of questions, curiosity, and even a degree of apprehensiveness. For good reason -- ...

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    How to Set Up LinkedIn Conversion Tracking

    It's the moment every B2B advertiser has been waiting for... LinkedIn announced Conversion Tracking for Sponsored Content and Text Ads. Arguably the biggest release to their ...

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    How to Generate Quality Leads with LinkedIn Sponsored Content

    As a marketer, you’re likely already advertising on a few major social channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. How do you know if you’re choosing the right channel?

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    Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn: What the $26.2 Billion Deal Means for Advertisers

    Unless you've been completely off-the-grid or soaking up the sun on a remote island (we're jealous), you've most likely heard about Microsoft's largest acquisition to date. The ...

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    How to Do Mobile Social Media Advertising the Right Way

    Social Media Advertising: Why You Need to Keep Up with Mobile Demand It’s an end of an era — mobile media consumption officially surpasses desktop. In fact, the mobile ...

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    How to Drive B2B Pipeline with Social Ads

    This article is Part I in a 4-part series, How to Drive B2B Pipeline with Social Ads.