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Why Marketers Should Care About APIs

As advertising grows more dependent on technology, marketers will need to rethink what they once labeled as “developer things.”

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How to Align Your Marketing Automation with Social Ads

Grabbing a prospect's attention in B2B is difficult. Email inboxes are always flooded with higher priority content, and prospects don't typically think about their work needs ...

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[Slideshare] How to Marry Marketing Automation with Social Advertising for B2B

Hubspot's Inbound 2016: Multi-Channel Lead Nurturing Couldn't attend HubSpot's Inbound conference this year? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

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Connecting Twitter Lead Gen Cards to HubSpot Smart Lists

Twitter provides many options to connect their Lead Generation Cards to marketing automation systems, with the exclusion of one very popular platform, HubSpot. In this post ...