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    This Week in Ad Tech: Week of June 17, 2014

    Every week, I curate the flood of online advertising articles and resources to create This Week in Ad Tech. Check out this week's news, how-tos, and trends from the world of ...

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    How to Improve Your AdWords Quality Score

    The elusive Quality Score... it's all some search marketers seem to think about when optimizing their PPC campaigns. But there's no reason to be intimidated. While it's ...

    Microsoft Advertising

    How to Audit Your Bing Ads Account

    Let's be honest. Your Bing Ads account doesn't get as much love and attention as your Google AdWords account. And your Bing account likely started out as a carbon copy of your ...

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    Why Advertisers Should Use Sitelinks

    If you’re not using sitelinks in your AdWords and Bing Ads search campaigns, you’re seriously missing out. And here’s why.

    Microsoft Advertising

    The AdStage Guide to Bing Ads

    What is Bing Ads? Bing Ads is the online advertising platform that allows you to reach potential customers across the Yahoo! Bing Network and bring them to your website. Bing ...

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    How Ignoring Match Types Can Kill Your PPC Campaign

    New advertisers have no trouble adding keywords to their paid search campaign, but far too many fail to change the keyword match types. We’ve seen a number of first-time ...