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    What PPC Marketers Need to Know about Third-Party Data

    Data. It’s the fuel of every marketing campaign. Marketers won’t stop talking about it. First-party data, second-party data, encrypted or masked data... So much data, and so ...

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    How to Do Mobile Social Media Advertising the Right Way

    Social Media Advertising: Why You Need to Keep Up with Mobile Demand It’s an end of an era — mobile media consumption officially surpasses desktop. In fact, the mobile ...

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    How to Use Facebook Mobile Video Ads for Powerful KPI Lift

    Video on Facebook is on the rise. The social media network recently reported users consume 100 million hours of video daily, and by 2020 75% of those hours will come from ...

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    What the New Snapchat API Means for Advertisers

    2016 is already shaping itself to be a big year for the mobile-only social network. Snapchat is finally throwing their hat in the ring to compete with direct response marketing ...

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    Mastering Mobile App Engagement Ads

    As a mobile marketer, one of your main responsibilities is getting people to engage with your company’s mobile app. Building awareness to increase installs is important, but ...

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    5 Ways to Optimize AdWords Campaigns for Mobile

    Every year, groups of very smart advertisers are asked to give their prediction for the future of digital advertising. For the past 3-4 years, the answer was an overwhelming ...

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    Use AdWords Callout Extensions to Strengthen Your Offer

    Savvy advertisers know that highlighting perks like “free shipping” and “price matching” can strengthen their offer and improve the performance of their ads. But it can be ...

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    Mobile Carrier and New Device Targeting Comes to Twitter Ads

    Twitter has rolled out two clever new features to its ad platform to help you target users on mobile devices: mobile carrier targeting and new device targeting.

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    The Future of Advertising: A Special Edition of This Week in Ad Tech

    As we prepared for our sold out NewCo SF session on "The Future of Advertising," we read through a lot of great articles on the topic. We figured you may enjoy reading them as ...

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    Prepare for Apple’s Reintroduction to the Mobile Ad World

    In behavior that’s typical for this company, Apple has been sitting back and letting the world (read: other companies) do their R&D for it, and it is the smartest move that ...