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    Ignoring the Funnel: The Unlikely Facebook Ads Strategies That Work

    When it comes to Facebook Ads, there are a lot of tried-and-true practices that work for obvious reasons a vast majority of the time. But then there are those exciting ...

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    5 Ways Facebook Analytics Beats Google Analytics

    Are you taking advantage of Facebook Analytics? What if I told you that it may be better than Google Analytics at measuring and analyzing your audience?

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    2017 in Review: AdStage’s Top 5 Articles on Facebook Ads

    2017 has been a busy year for Facebook advertisers. From revamping the Ad Manager and adding Lifestyle templates to reducing audience targeting options and creating new ...

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    How PPC Managers Can Work With Other Departments

    Step one to getting anyone to believe and trust what you’re saying is to prove your credibility. The same rules apply when PPC managers reach out to other departments to sync ...

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    7 Major Updates for Facebook Advertisers

    What a week in ad tech! While Apple was putting on a show in Cupertino, Facebook quietly revamped its Ads Manager, rolled out several updates for advertisers, and even launched ...

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    5 Easy Fixes for Paid Search Campaigns

    As marketers, we like coming up with new hacks and ideas to outsmart the competition. But the truth is, we often benefit more from reducing harm than from fresh tactics. Here's ...

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    How To Extend Your Ad Copy Into Converting Landing Pages

    You and the team spent weeks, maybe even months, mapping out your current digital campaign, nailing down the strategy, refining the images and copy, and finally releasing it ...

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    LinkedIn Text Ads: 5 Brands to Copy to Boost Performance

    As LinkedIn has grown to over half a billion users, so too has its ad platform’s capability to slice and dice audiences based on troves of self-reported user data. With plenty ...

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    Facebook Ads and How to Make Them Work for You

    Since its launch, Facebook Ads have become one of the most powerful customer acquisition channels.