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    3 Reasons to Scale Your PPC Campaigns with the Microsoft Audience Network

    The eyes and ears of the PPC community may be on AdWords and Facebook ads, but behind the scenes, Microsoft has quietly turned into a billion-dollar advertising giant.

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    3 Reasons to Choose Smart Bidding Over PPC Automation to Improve ROAS

    When AdWords first launched in 2000, manual and automated bidding were the only options. To succeed in paid search, you really had to know how to bid. You would manually set ...

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    The Performance Marketer’s Guide To Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization

    I joined JD a few months ago on the PPC Show podcast to talk about my experience using Facebook’s campaign budget optimization feature which was (at the time) just starting to ...

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    Google Shopping Ads: 9 Quick Tips You Need to Win

    Google Showcase Ads display results for commercial searches above AdWords ads, creating a unique opportunity to get your product into your customer’s shopping cart. Intrigued? ...

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    5 Steps to Optimize Dayparting

    Dayparting is a must for anyone running online ads, and optimizing it is an effective way to both decrease your spend and increase ROI. Below is a list of five steps that can ...

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    Ad Flighting: How to Automate Your Seasonal Advertising

    In a perfect marketer’s world, views convert into clicks, and clicks convert into purchases every time a person sees your ads.

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    3 Cross-Network Rules for PPC Optimization at Scale

    As anyone involved with PPC will tell you, optimization is key. But, it can be very hard when you have a ton of data to monitor and act upon each day. Keeping cost per ...

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    The Future of PPC Automation: 7 Experts Weigh In

    The world of PPC is going through deep changes thanks to the power of automation. Automation is helping PPC specialists and agencies free their time from mundane tasks to focus on ...

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    How to Save 10 Hours on PPC Management With Automation

    Managing a PPC campaign takes time. A big part of that time is taken by activities you repeat over and over, like scheduling ads, optimizing bids, and keyword management.

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    Why AdStage Automation Beats Facebook Automation Every Time

    If you’re a smart paid social advertiser, you have a whole lot of Facebook ads running at once. And, if you’re a savvy advertiser, you know exactly how you want to optimize ...