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    What PPC Professionals Can Expect in 2017

    We started off 2017 with some expert predictions about what the new year will have in store for PPC. But all the buzz about trends and innovations can be pretty overwhelming ...

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    When the Ultimate PPC Experts Peer into 2017, What Do They See?

    AdStage has had the honor of meeting some incredibly talented and inspiring folks throughout the years, whether through partnerships, The PPC Show, #PPCChat, or at marketing ...

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    Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn: What the $26.2 Billion Deal Means for Advertisers

    Unless you've been completely off-the-grid or soaking up the sun on a remote island (we're jealous), you've most likely heard about Microsoft's largest acquisition to date. The ...

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    2016 Growth Marketing Conf: User Acquisition, Conversion Optimization, and Retention

    What’s Growth Marketing? I was fortunate to attend this year’s Growth Marketing Conference, a fairly intimate event when it comes to marketing conferences. With only 250 ...

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    What the New Snapchat API Means for Advertisers

    2016 is already shaping itself to be a big year for the mobile-only social network. Snapchat is finally throwing their hat in the ring to compete with direct response marketing ...

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    Connecting the Marketer: The Future of Modern Marketing

    Our big vision at AdStage -- the platform for the new Head of Demand Gen. With the launch of Automate in February 2016, we started speaking publicly about where we see the ...

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    Facebook Unlocks Instagram Ads For All

    When Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, digital marketers certainly took notice. Many, like myself, were curious to see how the platform would be incorporated into Facebook’s ...

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    Automated Rules for Facebook Ad Sets, Google Shopping Campaigns, and More Come to AdStage

    This month in AdStage: Create Automated Rules for Facebook ad sets, manage your Google Shopping Campaigns in AdStage, and more!

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    Google Analytics Integration, Facebook Automated Bidding, PDF Reports, and More Come to AdStage

    This month in AdStage: Create custom Google Analytics reports, automate bidding on Facebook, save your global dashboard tables as a PDF, and more!

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    Twitter Auto Bidding, Targeting Improvements, Bulk Editing, and more come to AdStage

    This month in AdStage: Automate bidding on Twitter, adjust location based bids on AdWords, utilize the latest LinkedIn targeting features, and more!