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    7 Reasons Why You Need to Automate Your Ads in 2017

    As PPC professionals, we’re always looking for ways to increase productivity and campaign performance. In 2017, automating PPC ads is going to be our top tactic for getting the ...

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    Facebook In-Stream Video Ads as a Placement

    Facebook is enhancing its Audience Network with its latest release of In-Stream Video Ads. This added placement is not only for mobile, but also available on desktop as well. ...

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    [The PPC Show] Episode 36: Luke Alley, Director of PPC at Avalaunch Media

    Luke Alley: The Rising Star in PPC Marketing Luke Alley, Director of PPC at Avalaunch Media talks with us about lead gen, tracking, and optimizing for quality leads.

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    [The PPC Show] Episode 35: David Szetela, Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Author & Speaker

    David Szetela Shares 5 Tips for Optimizing Adwords Campaigns and a Free Book! This week on The PPC Show David Szetela, speaker and author of "Pay-Per-Click Search Engine ...

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    10 Things Every Killer PPC Campaign Should Have

    The easiest way to waste money on a PPC campaign is not knowing what you’re doing or why you’re doing it. This guide explains the 10 things every converting PPC campaign has ...

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    5 Easy Ways to Boost PPC Landing Page Conversions

    PPC Landing Pages: Why They Matter & How to Get Them Right Fighting to increase your landing page conversion? You’re not alone. Only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their ...

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    27 of the Best PPC Tools You Have to Use

    There’s nothing quite like the feeling of running an ad campaign that generates gigantic returns. It’s what PPC pros thrive on. But let’s be honest, most of our days are spent ...