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    Show a More Complete Picture by Adding HubSpot Data to Ad Performance Reports

    Marketers have a lot going on. Not only are we responsible for the overall brand, product messaging, and press of a company, but we are the primary drivers of lead generation ...

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    Closing the Loop Between Paid Marketing and Sales with AdStage Join

    Imagine a paid ad campaign with tons of impressions, a great click-through-rate, and a low cost-per-click cost...this sounds like a marketer’s dream. But is it really making a ...

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    The Story Behind AdStage’s Newest Creation: the Calculated Metrics Builder

    One of my favorite tasks in design, and specifically UX design, is taking seemingly complex ideas and organizing them in such a way as to replace that complexity with an ...

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    Is Net Promoter Score right for your business?

    I learned about Net Promoter Score in business school and, when I joined AdStage a few years ago as VP of Product, I thought this would be a great chance to put that skill to ...