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How do your numbers compare? Google Ads Benchmarks in Q3 2018

In Q3 2018, we analyzed over 2.4 billion impressions and nearly 22 million clicks across Google Ads Search and Google Display Network to calculate median CPC, CPM, and CTR for ...

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4 Reasons Search Marketers Are Excited About YouTube Advertising

2018 has been one hell of a year for us digital marketers already, hasn’t it? New features rolling out, a new UI driving all of us crazy, and GDPR having us:

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How PPC Managers Can Work With Other Departments

Step one to getting anyone to believe and trust what you’re saying is to prove your credibility. The same rules apply when PPC managers reach out to other departments to sync ...

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What's Next in Performance Advertising

Just when you thought you were on the bleeding edge of digital marketing because your retargeting capabilities are set up and humming, a report from Forrester Consulting, ...

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Retargeting Ads: 7 Best Practices to Supercharge Performance

As a marketer, it's troubling to know that only a small percentage of your total visitors will convert from online advertising – especially with tight budgets. Retargeting can ...

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Bidding on the competition? Here's a lesson from Equifax.

When a credit monitoring company Equifax was hit by a cyberattack that may have affected about 143 million Americans, people flocked to Google to find out what to do. As ...

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2017 Demand Gen Benchmarks To Accelerate Growth

When laying out your marketing strategy, it often feels like you have nothing and everything to go off – historical numbers, KPIs, industry projections, social platform claims, ...

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What PPC Marketers Need to Know about Third-Party Data

Data. It’s the fuel of every marketing campaign. Marketers won’t stop talking about it. First-party data, second-party data, encrypted or masked data... So much data, and so ...

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Quick Guide to Writing Successful Expanded Text Ads

We all know the basics of good marketing copy: identify the problem, offer a solution, keep it brief, and the like. But for text ads -- ads that show above and below Google ...

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5 Easy Fixes for Paid Search Campaigns

As marketers, we like coming up with new hacks and ideas to outsmart the competition. But the truth is, we often benefit more from reducing harm than from fresh tactics. Here's ...