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Increase Performance with Native Ads on Yahoo Gemini

This is a guest post from our partner, Yahoo Gemini. To learn more about AdStage's integration with Yahoo Gemini, go to the Yahoo Gemini Ads reporting and automation page - Ed. 

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Turning the Tables on YouTube Audiences

Audiences were all the rage for advertisers and marketers in 2017. No longer just a tool for social media or display network marketing, audience targets became a major focus in ...

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How to Use Google Ads Extensions to Boost Conversion During the Holiday Season

Amid the flurry of holiday ads, achieving a high ad rank in Google Ads almost seems like a miracle. The competition is tough! Many retailers launched their PPC campaigns very ...

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Bidding on the competition? Here's a lesson from Equifax.

When a credit monitoring company Equifax was hit by a cyberattack that may have affected about 143 million Americans, people flocked to Google to find out what to do. As ...

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Quick Guide to Writing Successful Expanded Text Ads

We all know the basics of good marketing copy: identify the problem, offer a solution, keep it brief, and the like. But for text ads -- ads that show above and below Google ...

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How to Use Bing Ads to Reach New Customers

Don't Overlook Bing Ads It’s been seven years since Windows unveiled Bing, and since then, the search engine and the teams behind it, have made strides to catch up with the ...

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Gmail Ads Tactics To Improve CTR

Any idea how much time you spend on email per day? Per week? In a lifetime? The Washington Post has a fun, or perhaps dispiriting, calculator to help you determine those ...

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Is SEM An Effective Growth Channel For Startups?

SEM is undoubtedly one of the most effective digital marketing channels that exist. When the right elements come together - a great product with good unit economics, relatively ...

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3 Big Google Shopping Campaign Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

Here at we’ve reviewed over 100 Google Shopping campaigns over the years. In that time, we’ve seen pretty much every money-wasting mistake that it’s possible to ...