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Six defunct social platforms share spooky lessons

On Halloween, people get into the spooky spirit by watching horror films, carving pumpkins, and organizing their costumes. But us digital marketers are perpetually haunted by a ...

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Lower CPCs, Boost Conversions with Five Tactics from This LinkedIn Ads Expert

A former search marketer, AJ Wilcox has years of experience in all types of digital ads, yet chooses to work with just one channel: LinkedIn. Staying niche has allowed AJ to ...

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Ignoring the Funnel: The Unlikely Facebook Ads Strategies That Work

When it comes to Facebook Ads, there are a lot of tried-and-true practices that work for obvious reasons a vast majority of the time. But then there are those exciting ...

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How to Measure Social Media Effectiveness

Ah, the eternal question: Is your social media marketing effective?

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How to Create LinkedIn Remarketing Audiences from User Interactions

We love LinkedIn ads for B2B marketing. It may be the only social media platform where you can always be sure to find highly-engaged professionals who are actually actively ...

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The Performance Marketer’s Guide To Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization

I joined JD a few months ago on the PPC Show podcast to talk about my experience using Facebook’s campaign budget optimization feature which was (at the time) just starting to ...

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How to Fix a Failing Facebook Campaign

It’s Monday morning. I just sat down with my favorite cup of coffee and opened up my computer. I’m about to dive into my weekly reports, ready to count the pennies I’ve gained ...

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Instagram Advertising Costs in 2017 [Benchmark Report]

Instagram Ads have come along way since they first started to test ads in user feeds in late 2013. They now have over five different ad types for advertisers to choose from.

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Facebook CPMs Increase 171% In 2017 [New Report]

Over the last year, we've analyzed over 8.8 billion Facebook ad impressions. We found that during the first six months, the average CPM increased from $4.12 to $11.17, and the ...