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How to Fix a Failing Facebook Campaign

It’s Monday morning. I just sat down with my favorite cup of coffee and opened up my computer. I’m about to dive into my weekly reports, ready to count the pennies I’ve gained ...

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Pinterest Tips for B2B Marketers

Go to Pinterest’s homepage, and you’ll see examples of recipes, crafts, home improvement DIY, and outfit ideas among other things. For most B2B marketers, fitting your brand in ...

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How to Increase Engagement with Top Prospects Using Social Ads

This is part II of our four part series, “How to Drive B2B Pipeline with Social Ads”. In Part I we discussed how to generate scalable revenue by targeting the right prospects. ...

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How to Drive B2B Pipeline with Social Ads

This article is Part I in a 4-part series, How to Drive B2B Pipeline with Social Ads.