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    What You Missed at LAUNCH Scale 2015

    This week, we experienced a flurry of inside information being openly shared by some of the most successful and knowledgeable growth professionals in the industry at LAUNCH ...

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    How to Leverage Marketing Automation with Paid Social Ads

    AdStage’s CEO, Sahil Jain, recently presented at HubSpot’s INBOUND15, covering the exciting intersection of Social Paid advertising and Marketing Automation. The topic seems ...

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    The Complete Comparison Guide for Retargeting on Facebook

    When retargeting users through Facebook Ads, you have two options: You can use either Custom Audiences, or Facebook Exchange (FBX). But which option should you pick? Overall, ...

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    Google Analytics Integration, Facebook Automated Bidding, PDF Reports, and More Come to AdStage

    This month in AdStage: Create custom Google Analytics reports, automate bidding on Facebook, save your global dashboard tables as a PDF, and more!

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    The Advanced Guide to LinkedIn Advertising

    I run a LinkedIn advertising agency, so I’m a heavy user of the AdStage platform. I’ve managed LinkedIn advertising in both brand and agency settings, and I’ve found several ...

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    How To Create and Test LinkedIn Ads in Bulk with AdStage

    You can now create and A/B test LinkedIn Text Ads and Sponsored Updates easily to maximize your campaign ROI with the new Bulk Ad Creation feature in AdStage.

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    How to Engage Your Audience with Content on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has evolved into a hub for content marketing. In fact, 94% of B2B marketers publish content to LinkedIn, according to the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing ...

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    How To Create and Test Promoted Tweets in Bulk with AdStage

    Ready to maximize the ROI of your Twitter Ads with fully optimized Promoted Tweets? AdStage’s new Bulk Ad Creation makes it easy to create up to 50 different Tweet variations ...

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    Rack Up Video Views Using Facebook and Twitter Ads

    As additional businesses start to dabble in social media, it’s becoming more elusive to capture audience attention. Enter the rise of native video. Video offers a highly ...