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    How to Drive Social Media Traffic to Your Landing Pages

    Many companies strive hard to grow their social media followers, but those efforts don't always translate to an increase in revenue. While some businesses embark on a social ...

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    Reach Niche Audiences with Overlap Targeting for Facebook Ads

    This week, we’ve released Overlap Targeting for Facebook Ads, a powerful new feature that lets advertisers combine targeting to reach niche audiences.

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    5 Native Ad Lessons from the Top LinkedIn Sponsored Updates of 2014

    As a product marketer for LinkedIn, I often guide advertisers on how to craft content marketing campaigns that will resonate with LinkedIn’s audience of more than 330 million ...

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    Optimizing Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

    After crafting your campaign, placing the conversion code and assigning a budget, it’s time to take it live. Cue the fireworks and office cake. Once the celebration subsides, ...

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    Pinterest Promoted Pins to Launch Out of Beta on January 1

    Pinterest will be making its reservation-based Promoted Pin product available to all advertisers on January 1, 2015, just eight months after launching it in beta for brand ...

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    Free Guide: LinkedIn Ads For Lead Generation

    Unlock the best strategies for getting the most out of your LinkedIn Ads 

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    Mobile Carrier and New Device Targeting Comes to Twitter Ads

    Twitter has rolled out two clever new features to its ad platform to help you target users on mobile devices: mobile carrier targeting and new device targeting.

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    The Experienced Advertiser's Guide to LinkedIn Advertising

    This guide is Part 2 of a 3-part series on how to be successful on LinkedIn Advertising. Hopefully you've already read the first post, The Beginner’s Guide to Success with ...

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    How To Use Twitter Ads for Lead Generation

    Twitter Ads can be used to produce a steady stream of new leads. Whether you're adding new prospects, warming up contacts, or driving conversions, there are several ...

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    The AdStage Guide to Twitter Ads

    With Twitter Ads, advertisers amplify their message to get discovered by their target audience across the social network. Advertisers can reach the right audience by targeting ...