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    Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads? Here’s How to Rock Both

    Marketers are always on the hunt of the perfect customer acquisition channel for their company. That constant search can help marketers increase their efficiency, but it can ...

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    How to Use Social Research to Succeed in Account-Based Marketing

    You have your eyes set on bringing in a major account, but how do you go about getting their attention in a way that’s meaningful, effective, and tailored just for them? As a ...

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    Boosting Social Media Marketing Using Content Automation

    Comprehensive automation appears to be the future trajectory of digital marketing. Email automation, for example, has become second-nature to many marketers. It’s nearly ...

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    5 Facebook Ad Copy Tips That Go Beyond the Better Headline

    You’ve been here before. You’ve seen these lists. You’ve heard their promises of more conversions, more engagement, more . Yet here you are again. I’d like to ...

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    50 Essential Social Media Advertising Statistics [UPDATED]

    There are a lot of things people say about social media advertising. Some say it works only for B2C businesses, others that they work only for small ones. Some even dare to say ...

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    Quick Guide to the New Facebook Delivery Insights

    Ever wonder if your ads are competing for visibility in the Facebook auction? Or how much they're competing against each other?

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    5 Reasons to Write Different Ad Copy for Facebook & AdWords

    You adjust copy when you’re running ad testing. You change social media copy based on the platform it’s running on. And I’m guessing you switch up the copy for various customer ...

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    Quick Guide to Facebook Offline Conversions

    Attribution is one of the toughest parts of the marketing cycle to measure (we’ve even proposed ways to help solve the problem). According to attribution software company ...

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    5 Facts You Need to Know about Video Ads

    If there's one thing any PPC marketer should know in 2017, it's this: video marketing works.

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    Webinar: The Sweet Spot of True Measurement with LinkedIn

    An increasing number of marketers are embracing full-funnel marketing. Changes in the buyer’s journey mean that marketers must be delivering relevant messages throughout the ...