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    Facebook In-Stream Video Ads as a Placement

    Facebook is enhancing its Audience Network with its latest release of In-Stream Video Ads. This added placement is not only for mobile, but also available on desktop as well. ...

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    What PPC Professionals Can Expect in 2017

    We started off 2017 with some expert predictions about what the new year will have in store for PPC. But all the buzz about trends and innovations can be pretty overwhelming ...

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    [The PPC Show] Episode 36: Luke Alley, Director of PPC at Avalaunch Media

    Luke Alley: The Rising Star in PPC Marketing Luke Alley, Director of PPC at Avalaunch Media talks with us about lead gen, tracking, and optimizing for quality leads.

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    [The PPC Show] Episode 35: David Szetela, Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Author & Speaker

    David Szetela Shares 5 Tips for Optimizing Adwords Campaigns and a Free Book! This week on The PPC Show David Szetela, speaker and author of "Pay-Per-Click Search Engine ...

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    [The PPC Show] Episode 34: Khalid Saleh, CEO of Invesp

    Khalid Saleh talks A/B testing best practices to drive growth and profit In this episode of The PPC Show, we chat A/B testing and conversion rate optimization (CRO) best practices ...

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    How to Align LinkedIn Sponsored InMail with Account-Based Marketing

    Last post, we covered best practices and general tips for creating your LinkedIn Sponsored InMail campaigns. In part two of this series, we take a deep dive into specific ideas ...

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    KlientBoost's Client Retention Magnets: How to Secure Your Bottom Line

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This client retention marketing infographic is part of KlientBoost’s 25-part series. We’re super excited to partner with them so you can enjoy a new gifographic ...

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    [The PPC Show] Episode 33: Andrew Goodman, Founder of Page Zero

    The Latest and Greatest in Adwords News In this episode, we were excited to talk about the latest and greatest in Adwords news with the author of one of the very first e-books on ...

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    How to Construct Successful LinkedIn Sponsored InMails

    LinkedIn’s network of over 500M professionals globally now offers Sponsored InMail to all marketers through its self-serve Campaign Manager. This unique ad format is designed ...

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    What's New with AdStage: November

    November was an exciting month for AdStage. We released an easier way to assign campaigns in Automate, a new KPI progress widget, drag-and-drop widget support, and global date ...